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Here are some links to wonderful poetry sites:

This page describes different types of poetry: Some types of poem


Some other poems and poetry resources:

Poems for group presentations

Poems to share

Jude’s poetry selection


poetry selection

Space poems

Group research project

In groups of 3, research a type of poem. You may wish to choose from one of these:

odes, limericks, ballads, slam, kennings, haiku, cinquain, shape, sonnets

Or you may wish to research a particular poet.

Before you begin, you need to come to your teacher and tell them what you are researching.

In your research, find out and record some of the following:

  • history
  • origin
  • tone
  • purpose
  • famous examples
  • rules they follow

and find examples to share.

Try to write a poem in the style of what you have studied.

As a group, you will share this information in a presentation to the class

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