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This term we’re starting a Maker-space club on Mondays in the science lab.

All 3-6 students are welcome, and we’re inviting you to be creative with some awesome technology.

The first couple of times you come along you can just explore….then set your mind to a creative project.

Of course, you can try your hand at Scratch or any other coding program, but you can also use some of our hardware (listed below) to create something amazing-maybe you can find a way to connect coding to them!

There’s a list of the technologies we’ll have available here with links to resources that may help .


-click this link to enter the Makeymakey world:

Parrot mini drones

-the free flight jumping app on the ipads  will get this one going-Cover art

but you have to connect via wireless


 snapcircuit manual



Meet Edison  


EdVenture EdBook 2-Your’re-a-Programmer-

You can program the Edison using several programs (you’ll need to register and login to save your programs)

EdBlocks Block code – the app is available here: EdBlocks App


Or Python-EdPython

Or using the EdMat:


See Ant to download Software



Ai Robot construction

this one actually goes all the way up to pack 9

This is pack 10 & 11




Our newest edition- OZOBOT EVO!

Image result for ozobots evo

There’s an intro to the different ways to use them here:

This app should be available on our ipads:

Image result for ozobot evo app

You can get started with coding them here: 

and some coding games here:


Have a look at some of these videos to get started with your ideas:



Report Cybersafety issues here-



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