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ICT in 5-6

In 5/6 we make use of technology to enhance our learning, to connect with the world as global citizens, and to prepare ourselves for the ways we will learn and communicate in high school and as adults.


It is important that we are  in touch with the latest changes in technology, keeping aware of both the wonderful opportunities it offers as well as the dangers and problems that may be encountered in the cyber world.



To start off our year we have allocated today to set up expectations and resources we will access this year.


The most versatile internet browser for our current internet use is Google Chrome. It allows for a range of extensions that enhance our learning.

Please ensure that you have downloaded Chrome to your computer.

Click on this link-You may need assistance from a teacher.

Once you have Chrome, the following links will take you to the site that will install theses extensions:

ExtensionThis will allow you to get the definition of any word on a website with a click

 This will read aloud any text on a website

Alternate text to speech extension

This will allow you to save a bunch of tabs you have opened

This will take you directly to the government’s eSafety page where you can access resources and help around eSafety and report cyber bullying

This will allow you to highlight text to help you with notetaking- you can then save your highlighted page to come back to later


Now , go to the weblinks page on this blog, open up a page or two about history, and have a go with the dictionary, highlighter, session manager and Speakit extensions.


Also you should make use of bookmarking. Please bookmark the following sites:

  • your personal school blog
  • your class blog
  • your email hosting site
  • HOTMaths
  • BTN
  • 100 Word Challenge
  • Our school website-
  • and important site for assistance in cybersafety and cyberbullying  (better than the eSafety site)


User Agreement- This needs to be signed by all students each year- let’s have a look at what we are signing:

ICT User Agreement



This survey is about the different ways you use technology, such as computers, mobile phones and games consoles. The survey is anonymous so please answer thoughtfully and honestly. Click on the green Logo above to begin the survey.

The survey has been adapted from the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Cybersmart Student Technology Audit.

Homework-get parents to complete their survey-the link is also in the newsletter.

Parent survey link




OneNote is software installed on your computer as part of the Microsoft Suite of  software. It is a tool to help you organise notes.

Open it up and discuss.

(It automatically saves!-no losing work!)

Add learning tools -have a look at the functions.

Let’s make some folders.

In our “Study Habits’/ “Thinking skills” folder I’d like us to create a PMI table to help us think about the different perspectives of what it’s like to “grow up”

(use stylus to annotate?)


EDUSUITE- what comes with our computer?- let’s discuss & explore

Downloading your own programs???

Forms and documents


what are our school rules?


Should we change? Why?


Using blogs:

  • categories
  • comments
  • Homework & Audacity files
  • Change over blog classrooms

Report Cybersafety issues here-



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