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Homework term 3 2018

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Over the holidays  FINISH YOUR LITERATURE CIRCLES BOOK and complete 3 reflections

We will share these on our first day together so please make sure you have them ready.

Next term we’re studying the solar system. Maybe read the newspaper for any Space exploration articles. Here’s a really interesting exploration happening right now:

NASA sun probe

Or maybe check out any of the interesting videos we’ll be looking at here:


Also, you may wish to practise your moves for our performance. Here is the music:

Week 9

What a great term! Last week you all did a wonderful job-make sure you check each other’s writing out.

Only 2 more debates to go. For those still going use this link for your tips. Make sure you are in contact with your debate partners so that your debate shows teamwork and your arguments follow on from each other. In the week your speech is due, your Class Masters homework is your highest priority. If you are finding it difficult to complete your tasks, make sure you come and see me as early as you can and we’ll modify your homework as needed.

This week you need to do:

  1. Your Class Masters debate & prepared speech (if you have any left)
  2. Reading log signed 5 times for the week
  3. Multiplication facts personal goals
  4. Hotmaths-adding fractions- make sure you read the lesson and ask me (or email me) if your confused
  5. 100 Word Challenge -the site is accepting our logon again so you can post your link there for feedback too. Try to set yourself a writing goal at the start-use your personal goals from our conferences or something we are learning in class. And remember at least once a month to add an audacity file of you reading this.
  6. Comment on at least 2 other blogs- remember to be relevant, constructive and appropriate. There’s hints for leaving comments here: 

Remember to plan your homework week early, and come and chat to me if you’re having any issues.




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Over the holidays you have a couple of things to complete.

Firstly,   READ A BOOK! Maybe from start to finish….

See if you can set yourself the challenge of reading more these holidays than you have in any other (after all, you’re older and more capable than you have ever been before!)

But at the very least, read most days, and come back to school ready to discuss what you have read.

Secondly, begin your research for your debates and prepared speeches- you will find the roster for this on the class masters page of this blog.  We will work on this next term so you don’t need to have your speech completed, but it would be a good idea to find out something about your prepared speech topic at least. Try to use this as a focus for what you are looking for:

  • What are your first ideas? What might other people think at first?
  • Do your terms need to have a definition?
  • What did you find out when you researched?
  • What is the science?
  • Can you use an analogy/ diagram/prop to assist your explanation
  • your final speech will only last from 2-4 minutes, so there’s no need to know everything about the topic.

Thirdly, if you are working on times tables goals, please continue to focus on this- between 5-10 minutes a day will make a huge difference!

Finally, Metro trains have an awesome competition running wher if you design a poster promoting train/rail safety, you can be in the running for some very cool prizes. This is voluntary homework-so only do it if you’re interested- download the form and information here:

Rail Safety Week Poster Competition Terms and conditions

Metro trains competition entry form


And remember to relax & have fun-you’ll be exhausted after camp!



In term 1 we are studying forms of government and the qualities of good leaders. Our BTN homework should center around these concepts. Here are some suggested BTN articles for you to respond to:

Constitution: 11/02/2014, Behind the News

Governor-General: 04/02/2014, Behind the News

Voting Age: 10/11/2015, Behind the News

Australia Day: 05/12/2006, Behind the News.

Moving Australia Day 09/02/2016 Behind the News

Preferential Voting 03/09/2013 Behind the News

Asking the People 25/08/2015 Behind the News

Federation 18/03/2014 Behind the News

Indigenous Parliament 10/06/2014 Behind the News

State Laws 29/10/2013  Behind the News

High Court 13/09/2011 Behind the News

The Speaker’s Job: 11/08/2015, Behind the News

Voting Changes 01/03/2016 Behind the News

New Senate: 22/07/2014, Behind the News

The Senate 17/09/2013 Behind the News

Budget Taxes 20/05/2014 Behind the News

New PM 13/10/2015 Behind the News

Reconciliation Week: 26/05/2015, Behind the News

Young Leaders: 01/04/2014, Behind the News


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