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Homework term 1 2018

Week 8

Great work team with getting your homework done last week.

This week you need to do:

  1. Reading log signed 5 times for the week
  2. Hotmaths-Addition Strategies
  3. 100 Word Challenge (try to set yourself a writing goal at the start, and remember at least once a month to add an audacity file of you reading this)
  4. BTN reflection -this week please reflect on History of Voting: 24/05/2016, Behind the News
  5. Comment on at least 2 other blogs- remember to be relevant, constructive and appropriate. There’s hints for leaving comments here: 
  6.  Find out who your representatives are in the Federal House of Representatives & the Senate. You can use these sites: House of Representatives membersSenators  .  You’ll notice that 12 senators come up. This is because our senators are elected by our whole state, not by our electorate.  You may need your parents’ help to identify your postcode or your electorate, or you can use this site: Find My Electorate

Remember to plan your homework week early, and come and chat to me if you’re having any issues.

In term 1 we are studying forms of government and the qualities of good leaders. Our BTN homework should center around these concepts. Here are some suggested BTN articles for you to respond to:

Constitution: 11/02/2014, Behind the News

Governor-General: 04/02/2014, Behind the News

Voting Age: 10/11/2015, Behind the News

Australia Day: 05/12/2006, Behind the News.

Moving Australia Day 09/02/2016 Behind the News

Preferential Voting 03/09/2013 Behind the News

Asking the People 25/08/2015 Behind the News

Federation 18/03/2014 Behind the News

Indigenous Parliament 10/06/2014 Behind the News

State Laws 29/10/2013  Behind the News

High Court 13/09/2011 Behind the News

The Speaker’s Job: 11/08/2015, Behind the News

Voting Changes 01/03/2016 Behind the News

New Senate: 22/07/2014, Behind the News

The Senate 17/09/2013 Behind the News

Budget Taxes 20/05/2014 Behind the News

New PM 13/10/2015 Behind the News

Reconciliation Week: 26/05/2015, Behind the News

Young Leaders: 01/04/2014, Behind the News




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