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What does ‘goal’ mean to you?



Define: a goal- what is aimed for/ a desired result that is worked towards


Why do we set goals?



-to improve our chances of achieving things that we want to achieve


By being attentive to our goals we are much more likely to achieve them- setting and working towards goals means that we take personal control of our lives and can make things happen that we want rather than letting chance or other people be in control


By practising it with small things we are ready to be able to do it well when there are bigger/more important things we want to achieve



-sometimes we have goals imposed upon us and these can be good for us to achieve (and can be good practise)

-when we get to choose our own goals it is a powerful motivator

-when choosing your own goals choose goals that are:

  1. desired- you have to want it, so that you are prepared to work for it-it will make you MOTIVATED
  2. challenging– we will never grow very much if our goals are too easy- this will make you PROUD
  3. achievable- we will get down and give up on goals if we never succeed-this will make you SUCCEED




Try to frame your goals as SMART goals:

S-SPECIFIC-this makes sure you know exactly what you’re working  on

e.g NOT “I want to get better at maths”, BUT “I want to know my 3’s and 7’s times tables by heart”

NOT I want to have neater handwriting, BUT” I want my letters to sit on the line and be the correct size”

M-MEASURABLE- you know when you’ve achieved it (very connected with specific)


R-REALISTIC- connected to achievable

T-TIMELY- you can achieve them in a specific timeframe-set a time by which you hope to achieve. When will your ‘check-in’ times be along the way


For each goal you need to identify things that can help you on your journey:

– breaking it down into smaller steps

– strategies-what will you do to help you achieve the goal

-assistance-what can other people do to assist you

-obstacles-what might get in your way and what will you do when it does



Make sure you give yourself time and opportunities to work on your goal regularly



Put your goal in a place where you view it regularly, and ask yourself how you’re going- set yourself a few check-in times along the way where you can see how you’ve been going and if you need to re-assess your goal or your progress



When the time has come that you hoped to achieve your goal, spend some time reflecting on the process.

Did you achieve what you wanted? What helped you? What got in your way? Would you like to set another connected goal? How did the process make you feel? When were you proud? What have you learned about yourself and about the goal process through the experience?


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