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Forms and documents

Here is the Year 5/6 handbook.

56 Handbook 2016

It has loads of info on what it’s like to be in 5/6. Here is a list of what is included in it:

Starting Times ; Uniforms ; Curriculum ; eConnect Program ; MPPS Blogs ; Leadership Program ; The Better Buddies Framework ; Expectations – Student Behaviour ; Home Learning ; Organisation; Transition to Secondary School; Sport 1;  Camp


Permission to install a program:

If you would like to download a program to your school netbook you need to get approval first. This is the form that needs to be completed:


School captain application:

In term 4 All year 5s are required to submit an application explaining why they should be nominated as school captain.

Students should use the skills they have learned about being persuasive and should outline their personal strengths that would help them carry out the task of school captain using specific examples from their own lives.

The application is due on the 29th of October.

A copy of the application format can be downloaded below:

School Captain Application Format

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