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Mapping our Mars Rover



I can design a map to represent the journey of my Mars rover


Go to the lesson where we learned about mars

Look at the maps- where will your Mars rover be going?

New Info/Application:

Using the coding you have done and your knowledge of the geography of Mars and where Rovers have landed/might land in the future, create a map showing where your rover will travel to present with your project. Try to use an appropriate scale. So, for instance, if your Edison is set to go forward 20 cm by a given block of code, how far might this be representing in reality on Mars for the Mars rover. Show this using a scale on your map. Show where North is and at least 1 or 2 landmarks.

Make an approximate map- you will have a chance to refine/publish this in following lessons

Combine the knowledge you gained from our mapping lessons and from our Science lesson about Mars rovers when you create your map

Goal reflection:

Share your map with another group- can they work out where your rover is going and how far it will travel.

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