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Writing Competition


Write4Fun are running a writing competition!

You write a poem or short story and are in the running for great prizes for you and for our school.

Entries close at the end of this month-31st of August

The link for the details and to enter the competition is here:


the rules for the competition can be found here

Make sure if you enter that do enter that you also copy the piece of writing onto your blog to share it with your learning community.

I’m happy for you to send me drafts to get feedback before you publush.

Good luck & have fun!

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Improving our writing


Please download this document to your netbook:

6 traits posters

The first 15 pages give hints about what to look for in each the 6 traits of writing. For each new trait there are 2 posters- the first is very specific and advanced and the second is more simple and general. Look through these posters and take notes on some things that might be improved in your last piece of writing. After you have done this, create one or two goals that you would like to apply to your current piece of writing. Then review, edit or rewrite parts of your piece to achieve this goal. After you have done so, give your new piece to a peer to read it. They should give you specific feedback on how well you have achieved that goal, then 1 or 2 other things they noticed. You should then go back to the piece and have a go at improving or changing based on their feedback.

The pages of the 6 traits poster that come after the first 15 pages give other important information and techniques on how to make improvements to your writing. We will be using some of these later in the year, but they are all awesome ideas and well worth checking out and using in your spare time.

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Found Poetry


Today we are working on creating poetry using only a limited amount of well chosen words, and investigating how context, position and structure can alter meaning and mood.

These websites offer random words for us to choose from:

RANDOM WORD GENERATOR1- this site gives one word at a time and lets you choose what sort of word you want

RANDOM WORD GENERATOR2- on this site it gives you a selection of great words but you have to work out for yourself what type of word they are

Select words that are interesting, suit your mood, and that you UNDERSTAND

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Similes and Metaphors



Similes and metaphors are poetic techniques. They EMPHASISE an aspect of something by comparing it to something with an exaggerated version of that quality. Here are some examples of similes and metaphors written by us-can you identify what quality is being exaggerated? How?

Sometimes when I do my homework I’m as smart as a fox, but sometimes I get as distracted as a chicken.

I’m a poisonous snake if someone takes my book away.

When my sister is down I know it’s time to put on my red nose.

His anger was a storm cloud, hazing his mind, blurring his vision and blocking his heart.

I’m a hungry tiger when I see an avocado.

When I’m in Numurkah I feel as far away from society as Pluto.

I’m frozen with nerves when I watch sport.

When I wake up in the morning, I’m like a sloth not wanting to wake up.

When I’m angry I’m a ferocious male tiger in a forest of old ladies.


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100 word challenge


Those English are still enjoying their summer holidays, so while they are, here’s my 100 word challenge for the week:

Use this picture and quote as an inspiration to write 100 words in any style or genre you choose- think carefully about how you can demonstrate using the 6 traits of writing- it’s a perfect opportunity to experiment a bit!

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Pluto – New Horizons flyby


Last week the New Horizons space probe flew past Pluto, sending images to Earth of this mysterious proto-planet…  What an interesting event!

We looked at this website to see some of the images and discover how this mission had progressed

We’re studying poetry this term ( a perfect writing style to express express our thoughts about this amazing event) so some of the students turned their thoughts into a poem- have a look at these wonderful poems:

New Horizons

Travels around the galaxy

Go on the journey with you and me,

Many things we will see,

If you go on the journey with me.

NASA, NASA impossible mission,

This isn’t a trip where we go fishin’.

 Round and round the galaxy

 Come on the 9 year journey with me.

Many things we will see

 Come on the 9 year journey with me.

 Recording every sight and sound,

 No sight of life form standing around.

Round and round the galaxy

Come the long journey with me.

Many sights we will see,

We had fun on the journey you and me.

By Samantha, Matilda and Michelle

Pluto Pluto Pluto

Orbiting through space

Your 5 stand out moons

With LORRI catching their face

NASA is watching you

As the new horizon

Catching a glimpse

Of our solar system

As a dwarf planet you are

As a small body you have

As a dot from the blind eye  

By  Emily and Alyssa

Looking into Space

As I look through the telescope,
The planet so small,
It seems as I am looking from a microscope,
It made me fell so tall,

I have decided to call it Pluto..
And I see something orbiting it.
And that’s the name we all know,
And that’s why we love it.

Its been nine years now…
Since the launch
I still wonder how,
But its time for lunch!

By Oli


Here’s a little cartoon making us think about how lonely poor Pluto would be 7.5 billion kilometres away!


Use it as your prompt for this week’s 100 word challenge

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Information texts


This term as part of our science unit on Desert Survivors we will be looking at and creating information texts. To start this of we should look at the purpose and features of the 3 different types of information texts- expository (that teach you new information), persuasive (that tries to convince you of an opinion) and Functional (that help you accomplish a task).

Have a look at these examples. What is their purpose and their audience?

What features of the texts helped you work this out?  



read this link as an example- Deserts

these examples are a bit trickier….


snow leaopard persuasive

information text feature powerpoint

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Tiered Vocabulary


Words can be categorised into different tiers(levels) according to their use and level of complexity. The following diagram shows how the 3 tiers of vocabulary work.tiered vocab

Create your own triangle (the top will have to be quite large)- label each part with the tier number and what the words are used for. Then have a read of at least one of the following articles. Choose some vocab from each article to place in each of the tiers of your triangle. Discuss with a partner.


Recommended: terres/desert/animals.htm



Goal reflection:

Why are the different tiers useful- what genres would use tier 2/3 more?

Are some words hard to classify?-why?


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