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Space- Lesson 5- Using ANALOGY to understand what it is like to work in Outer Space


Goal: To use an analogy to explain what working in space is like APK: Discuss the BTN set as homework: Mars Experiment: 08/09/2015, Behind the News What would you like about this experience? What wouldn’t you like? Today our aim is to encourage a new generation of space explorers. We will try to help kids understand […]



Goal: I can enlarge shapes APK: Why is this map ineffective?     Application: Use widget from AC Year 5 > Symmetry & transformations > Enlarging & reducing- “Using a grid to enlarge”   Do Hotsheet- using a grid to enlarge. Students who have done this last year to do Activity 2 Guiding question for both groups: […]

Mapping & Cartesian Co-ordinates


Goal I can use a Cartesian grid system for location   APK Discuss where the different objects are   Application GO TO HOTMATHS- YR 6- Geometry & position The Cartesian plane Year 5s- work on widget:  plotting pictures then Hotsheet “Reading co-ordinates” yr 6s work on widget: the four quadrants then Hotsheet “Join the dots” As […]

Cosmic Discovery -Lesson 4. System Analysis of our solar System


Goal: I understand how our solar system works as a system APK A system is: -a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; OR – a regularly interacting or interdependent (they rely on each other) group of items forming a complex unified whole Try to come up with […]

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Comparing Mathematical Chance Predictions to Outcome Data


G  I can predict chance events and compare my predictions to the outcomes NI: what information from the last lesson do you think will be useful in this lesson?           Application:    dinner spinner –   what are the mathematical chances you’d be happy with dinner in this given spinner? Make one […]

Cosmic Discovery- lesson 2: Classifying objects in the Solar System


  Goal: I can classify objects in our solar system APK: Play with Record & discuss interesting things you found out New Info: Today we will analyse our new information using CLASSIFICATION. Use your ‘thinking skills outline table to check the steps in this process. In 2006 Pluto was officially named a dwarf planet. […]

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Cosmic Discovery Lesson 2- MARS ROVERS


Pre-reading: kids news: Australian students selected to compete in world mars robot design competition   Goal: I understand some of the challenges and opportunities that a rover on Mars might encounter   APK: discuss what you found interesting in the Mars Mission: 14/08/2012, Behind the News video that we watched yesterday.   New Information/ Application: Major project- create […]

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Cosmic Discovery- lesson 1


During our first lesson we will use “Perspectives Analysis” to compare the the different viewpoints of understandings about space between modern and ancient civilisations. Please download the ‘Thinking Skills Steps’ Anchor Chart here: thinking-skills-outline-table You will use a different thinking skill in each of our lessons. This short article gives a modern perspective on the […]

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Flood prevention & Mitigation- Decision matrix


Goal: I CAN USE AN ALGORITHM TO DECIDE ON HOW BEST TO DEAL WITH FLOODING APK: watch & discuss Don’t Panic: 26/11/2013, Behind the News   New Info: You are the government ministerial department responsible for flood disasters. How will you spend your money? On prevention or mitigation (dealing with it when it comes) Brainstorm […]



Research Pacific gyre-   What is it? What does it make you wonder? What solutions could there be?- creativity challenge…

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