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Literature Circles


This week we begin Literature Circles. In groups you will read and discuss a novel using the prompts provided in this booklet: Literature Circles -job outlines- Please download the booklet and keep it as a resource for your homework. If you need a hard copy, please ask your teacher. Remember, Tally masters should take notes using […]

School Captain speeches


Each year in Term 3 we elect the school captains for the next year. Now is your chance to use the skills you have been learning in class masters to convince your teachers and peers of all your wonderful qualities that would go towards you becoming an important leader of our school. Each year 5 […]

Writing Competition


Write4Fun are running a writing competition! You write a poem or short story and are in the running for great prizes for you and for our school. Entries close at the end of this month-31st of August The link for the details and to enter the competition is here: COMPETITION! the rules for the competition […]

Coastal Ambassadors Survey


Brynn, Carah, Ebony and Phoebe are the 2017 coastal ambassadors. To start our project on teaching kids we have created a survey on survey monkey. The survey is about knowing how much the school knows on the environment and coastal ambassadors. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A TEST IT IS A SURVEY Link to survey

Lilly’s Adventure


Lilly’s off to China for the next month. You can check out her adventures on the blog created by the company. Here’s the link: Lilly’s China Trip Just like our blogs you can leave a comment. Remember to leave comments that are thoughtful and reflect the fact that this communication will be viewed by people from […]

Adaptations reflection


First you should look through the Rubric we have been using and identify with a highlighter or pen what you achieved. Then look at the post that was created at the beginning of the Unit-here At the top there are are 3 areas in red that describe the opportunities you were given for learning: Science Knowledge […]

Tier 3 language in information texts


Tier 3 language is used in information texts as it is precise language and shows you have ‘authority’. Identify tier 2 and 3 language in one of these readings (you might use your dictionary Chrome extension to check the meaning)   What are some words that you might find useful in […]

Skim and Scan


Here’s the lesson-Skim and Scan- …and here’s the website to skim and scan for this application: ipad vs newspaper Skim- what is this article about? what is the overall conclusion? Would you trust it? Why/why not? Scan- What percentage of people recall an article they’ve read in the newspaper? What percent on an ipad? How […]

Adaptations Research Project


WHAT WE ARE LEARNING- THE VICTORIAN CURRICULUM STANDARDS Science Knowledge Biological – Science Understanding Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment Science Inquiry Skills Questioning and predicting Create questions that lead into […]

GDP data turned into a graph


 I made this graph     from this data   The graph I chose was a column graph because it broke the countries into categories and compared their earnings clearly. You can tell from this graph that the US is quite rich. I would be interested to see what the poorest countries earn

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