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How Government is Formed AND From Bill to Law


THIS LESSON IS IN 2 PARTS PART 1: How Government is Formed Goal: I understand how the ruling party (the ‘Government’) in the federal Parliament is decided. APK: Who are your representatives in federal parliament?- discuss what you found out- what party are they from? New Information: A political party is an organisation that represents a […]

Drafting our Infographics


Goal: I can use my notes and plan to draft the information for my infographic APK: Share your plan- share a detail that will go in each section New Information: Each paragraph in an information text should be easy to follow. A simple way to ORGANISE this is : To write an informative paragraph, follow these […]

Preferential Voting


Goal: I can explain how preferential voting works and why it is used in Australia. APK: You’re in the mood for a chocolate bar/lolly/snack- you ask your parents and they give you $2 to go down to the milk bar- tell your partner what you’re planning to buy when you get there….       […]

Compulsory voting


Goal: I understand the concept of compulsory voting in Australia.   APK: When we voted for our SRC rep, was it ok not to vote for anyone? Why?   New Information: Research compulsory voting in Australia using one of these sources-take notes. Australian Electoral Commission – group with teacher SBS Academic kids The Conversation       […]

Tier 3 language in information texts -Australian Government


Tier 3 language is used in information texts as it is precise language and shows you have ‘authority’. Identify at least three tier 2 and 3 words from one of these readings government fact sheets (you might use your dictionary Chrome extension to check the meaning)   What are some words that you might find […]

What’s a REPRESENTATIVE Democracy?


  GOAL: I understand why representation is a feature of Australia’s federal parliamentary system.     APK: We say that Australia is a democratic society; what does this mean? Briefly discuss and write class responses on poster paper or the board.   NI: The word ‘democracy’ comes from two Greek words: demos meaning ‘the people’ and […]

3 Levels of Lawmaking


Goal: I  can describe the function of the three levels of government in Australia   APK: List how many different people, beyond your family and teachers, make decisions that affect you. Also record the types of decisions New Information: Three Levels of Government-video of yesterday’s reading   Brainstorm in small groups: ‘What services are needed […]

Finding Facts & Details


Goal: I can identify important facts and details in an information text APK: Write the main idea of a television program you watched in the past few days. Write 3 important things that happened in  the TV show. N.I. You can find the facts and details in a reading passage by thinking about the main […]



Using apostrophes can be quite tricky. They are used for possession and abbreviation, but there are a bunch of rules and exceptions. Choose one of these 2 slideshows to follow to consolidate your understanding of apostrophes. This Powerpoint gives a good outline & explanation of rules, and activities to practise. Year 6s will have seen […]

What is the Australian system of government?


Building Blocks of Australia’s Government Click on the links to help you answer the questions Take notes to answer the questions , and on any other aspects of Australia’s government you find interesting. What does ‘system of government’ mean?-make your own definition What is democracy?– go to the “Freedom to Choose ” activity What is […]

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