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What’s a REPRESENTATIVE Democracy?


  GOAL: I understand why representation is a feature of Australia’s federal parliamentary system.     APK: We say that Australia is a democratic society; what does this mean? Briefly discuss and write class responses on poster paper or the board.   NI: The word ‘democracy’ comes from two Greek words: demos meaning ‘the people’ and […]

3 Levels of Lawmaking


Goal: I  can describe the function of the three levels of government in Australia   APK: List how many different people, beyond your family and teachers, make decisions that affect you. Also record the types of decisions New Information: Three Levels of Government-video of yesterday’s reading   Brainstorm in small groups: ‘What services are needed […]

Finding Facts & Details


Goal: I can identify important facts and details in an information text APK: Write the main idea of a television program you watched in the past few days. Write 3 important things that happened in  the TV show. N.I. You can find the facts and details in a reading passage by thinking about the main […]



Using apostrophes can be quite tricky. They are used for possession and abbreviation, but there are a bunch of rules and exceptions. Choose one of these 2 slideshows to follow to consolidate your understanding of apostrophes. This Powerpoint gives a good outline & explanation of rules, and activities to practise. Year 6s will have seen […]

What is the Australian system of government?


Building Blocks of Australia’s Government Click on the links to help you answer the questions Take notes to answer the questions , and on any other aspects of Australia’s government you find interesting. What does ‘system of government’ mean?-make your own definition What is democracy?– go to the “Freedom to Choose ” activity What is […]



Each week our homework will be placed in the homework page. Click on the link to the homework page on the pages list on the right of this post Homework term 1 2018

SRC speech


All students are required to write and present a speech explaining why they should be the class SRC rep. This is due on Monday 26th of February and will be spoken in front of the class. When you write it, take into account what our class shared as important qualities in an SRC representative. One […]

Example vs. Definition


When we want to explain something new we can help people understand it in two ways. We can offer an EXAMPLE or a DEFINITION     EXAMPLES-are usually the easiest to come up with. They tell us one of the different types. An example is one real-world type of the overall group. It helps us […]

Welcome 5-6C for 2018!


Welcome to our class’ blog for 2018. Here we will share and celebrate our learning as well as sharing information about upcoming events and other things we need to know about being a part of 5/6C. There will be links to educational websites as well as links to other classroom blogs and a link to […]

Getting to know each other


Post a comment down below with 5 things about you…..we have to guess who you are….don’t make it too easy or too hard…. Make sure you AREN’T logged on (normally when you comment you should ALWAYS log on- your comments will be deleted by the teacher otherwise) Fill in the name with a name that […]

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