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Cosmic Discovery Lesson 2


Pre-reading: kids news: Australian students selected to compete in world mars robot design competition

Cosmic Discovery- lesson 1


During our first lesson we will use “Perspectives Analysis” to compare the the different viewpoints of understandings about space between modern and ancient civilisations. Please download the ‘Thinking Skills Steps’ Anchor Chart here: thinking-skills-outline-table You will use a different thinking skill in each of our lessons. This short article gives a modern perspective on the […]

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Flood prevention & Mitigation- Decision matrix


Goal: I CAN USE AN ALGORITHM TO DECIDE ON HOW BEST TO DEAL WITH FLOODING APK: watch & discuss Don’t Panic: 26/11/2013, Behind the News   New Info: You are the government ministerial department responsible for flood disasters. How will you spend your money? On prevention or mitigation (dealing with it when it comes) Brainstorm […]



Research Pacific gyre-   What is it? What does it make you wonder? What solutions could there be?- creativity challenge…

Perspectives analysis of bushfire


Goal   I can identify the positive and negative impacts of fire from different perspectives   APK: Thought starter: What is this little girl doing?     What do you see? What does it make you think about? What does it make you wonder?   New Information & Application: When you systematically analyse the different […]

Classifying the effects of a drought


  Goal  I can classify/categorise the different types of effects of a drought APK Discuss Cape Town Water Crisis New information:  When you systematically classify/categorise things, you can use this algorithm to make it rigorous and productive: Classify: group similar items together based on similar traits Name items to sort into categories Decide on possible […]

Systematic comparison


APK T&T- discuss these pictures: what do you notice? what do you know? what do you wonder?         Goal: I can systematically compare tornados and cyclones.   What is a criterion (plural ‘criteria’)?         – a standard by which something is judged We are going to systematically compare 2 […]

Finn’s Story


Finn Darlington, one of 5-6C’s students from last year has sent me this story and he said he wouldn’t mind sharing. it’s filled with action….and a little bit of MPPS! SK Squad Omega betrayal

The Earth’s Crust & Natural Disasters


Goal: (2-5 min) I can explain how the Earth’s crust contributes to natural disasters APK: (5-10 min) This video shows where earthquakes have been recorded and where tectonic plate edges are. What do you see/think/wonder?   New Information & Application: (5 min) Show students video / take notes: 5 min Present students with the following […]

The structure of the Earth


Goal: I can use an analogy to explain the structure of the Earth           APK: What does this picture mean to you? New Information: What is an analogy? An analogy is where you compare an unfamiliar thing to a familiar thing to help you understand many things about the unfamiliar thing. […]

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