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Public Transport Challenge


Here are some resources for our Public transport challenge. The map: Moonee Valley TravelSmart Map_ Train_Timetable_Craigiburn_Line- 477_Bus_Timetable -TramRouteMaps_59- Bus-477 route- 59_Tram_Timetable timetables Travel planner

Writing Challenge


Education has the power to transform my life! A writing challenge has been planned with links to Children’s Week theme: the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 29, focussing on ‘Education has the power to transform children’s lives’. Here is the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child: Article 29 […]

Digitech/Science Lesson 10- Designing Digital Solutions Project Introduction


Goal: I understand the requirements of the designing digital solutions project. APK: Watch the following videos as a class, then discuss: Does anything surprise you? In what ways has human behaviour changed? What are the seen and unseen results because of the change in human behaviour?   New Information & Application: Our project: How can […]

Digitech/Science Lesson 9- Combining Scratch and Makeymakey


Goal: I can make code in Scratch that communicates with Makey Makey APK: Venn diagram comparing Scratch & Makeymakey New Information: Make groups of 4 (note-these will NOT be the groups for your project). Watch videos & take notes: Group 1: Quick paper circuit video How to make a #DIY switch w #makeymakey for Interactive […]

Digitech/Science Lesson 8 Introduction to MakeyMakey


Goal: I understand how a Makey Makey links with a computer to make a circuit APK: What is a circuit? What are conductors?   New Information: So…..what is a MakeyMakey? In groups of 3 unbox MAKEY MAKEYs- draw diagram and identify what you see.  Audit what is in them- ensure all can be packed up […]

Digitech/Science Lesson 7 Introduction to coding


Goal: I understand how to use simple coding language and techniques APK: List things that computers can do Looking back on our binary lesson- what is binary? New Information: – discuss- what did you find interesting?     Most websites, games and applications that they use today are developed with this thing called ‘code’… These […]

Digitech/Science Lesson 6- What is a CIRCUIT?


Goal: I understand how to make and draw a circuit, and explain how it works. APK: Discuss your drawings of torches from yesterday- what are pros & cons of the drawings   New Information 1: ROLE PLAYING A CIRCUIT So…how is an electrical circuit created? A circuit needs 3 parts- a cell to give energy, […]

Homework Week 9


This week I would like you to respond to this video as you would a BTN reflection with 3 facts you recall, 2 questions you are wondering about and 1 insight or understanding that you came to while watching the video- an inference, a connection or a conclusion that wasn’t directly stated in the video […]

Digital Technologies/ Science- Lesson 5: What is electricity?


Goal: I can clarify my understandings about how electricity works APK: Riley turned on the computer. When Barry shuffles his feet on the carpet, his hair gets crazy and stands up. I need to charge my phone. Lightning struck during the last storm. The engineer wired the circuit board. A lot of power is made […]

Mindfulness Survey


Please complete this survey about mindfulness to help us develop our mindfulness program.  

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