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5-6 Locker Avatars


LOCKER ANIMAL AVATARS Each year, the 5-6s create an animal avatar for their lockers. You should choose an animal that represents a few aspects of you-particularly your personality. You will include an explanation underneath saying why you chose this animal to represent you. There should be at least 2 reasons that connect you to your […]

Creating a Mars Rover Skin


Goal I can design and create a skin for my Mars Rover that includes shape transformations that I can describe APK Look at this site: Why would they be called ‘skins’? How could this be related to what we have just been learning in maths? What was important to remember when making nets for […]

Mapping our Mars Rover


Goal: I can design a map to represent the journey of my Mars rover APK Go to the lesson where we learned about mars Look at the maps- where will your Mars rover be going? New Info/Application: Using the coding you have done and your knowledge of the geography of Mars and where Rovers […]



Goal:  I can design what my rover will do   APK: Explain what this code made the Edison do in a simple few sentences/ what was it representing as a ‘Mars rover’?     What the Edison did: The Edison moved forward, turned left then moved forward again. It turned both of its LEDs on […]

Beginning our Rover design


Goal: I understand what I need to know to begin designing my Mars rover APK: What ideas for tasks for your Mars rover could you get from these videos?   New info/Application Thinking skill: Create:  design products or processes to meet specific needs I describe something that could be better- the way a Mars rover […]

Using a decision making matrix to decide the future of space exploration


In what way should humans continue with space exploration? Goal: I can use a decision matrix to evaluate the benefits of different options for the future of space exploration APK: discuss BTN homework video: Humans in Space: 31/03/2015, Behind the News Is this important? Why? New Information: Decide: select from among seemingly equal choices  I […]

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Getting to know each other


Post a comment down below with 5 things about you…..we have to guess who you are….don’t make it too easy or too hard…. Make sure you AREN’T logged on (normally when you comment you should ALWAYS log on- your comments will be deleted by the teacher otherwise) Fill in the name with a name that […]

Sending infrared signals with an Edison


Goal: I can program an infrared message with an Edison APK: How does a remote control work? What messages need to go between earth and a Mars rover?     New info/Application: The IR (infrared) function on Edison could be used as a model for the way a Mars rover sends and receives messages. Show […]



  Goal: I can identify the inputs and outputs on Edison and make a simple program that makes them work   APK: In a computer system, inputs are defined as parts or places where information or messages can enter the system. Outputs are defined as parts or places where information or actions can exit the […]

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