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Flood prevention & Mitigation- Decision matrix


Goal: I CAN USE AN ALGORITHM TO DECIDE ON HOW BEST TO DEAL WITH FLOODING APK: watch & discuss Don’t Panic: 26/11/2013, Behind the News   New Info: You are the government ministerial department responsible for flood disasters. How will you spend your money? On prevention or mitigation (dealing with it when it comes) Brainstorm […]



Research Pacific gyre-   What is it? What does it make you wonder? What solutions could there be?- creativity challenge…

Perspectives analysis of bushfire


Goal   I can identify the positive and negative impacts of fire from different perspectives   APK: Thought starter: What is this little girl doing?     What do you see? What does it make you think about? What does it make you wonder?   New Information & Application: When you systematically analyse the different […]

Classifying the effects of a drought


  Goal  I can classify/categorise the different types of effects of a drought APK Discuss Cape Town Water Crisis New information:  When you systematically classify/categorise things, you can use this algorithm to make it rigorous and productive: Classify: group similar items together based on similar traits Name items to sort into categories Decide on possible […]

Systematic comparison


APK T&T- discuss these pictures: what do you notice? what do you know? what do you wonder?         Goal: I can systematically compare tornados and cyclones.   What is a criterion (plural ‘criteria’)?         – a standard by which something is judged We are going to systematically compare 2 […]

Finn’s Story


Finn Darlington, one of 5-6C’s students from last year has sent me this story and he said he wouldn’t mind sharing. it’s filled with action….and a little bit of MPPS! SK Squad Omega betrayal

The Earth’s Crust & Natural Disasters


Goal: (2-5 min) I can explain how the Earth’s crust contributes to natural disasters APK: (5-10 min) This video shows where earthquakes have been recorded and where tectonic plate edges are. What do you see/think/wonder?   New Information & Application: (5 min) Show students video / take notes: 5 min Present students with the following […]

The structure of the Earth


Goal: I can use an analogy to explain the structure of the Earth           APK: What does this picture mean to you? New Information: What is an analogy? An analogy is where you compare an unfamiliar thing to a familiar thing to help you understand many things about the unfamiliar thing. […]

Being an Australian Citizen


Goal: I understand what it means to be an Australian Citizen   APK: What does the word CITIZEN mean? Create this table for APK and New info: I think/ We think/ We check- work with a partner to fill in the chart. (fill in ‘I think/we think’ before watching resource) Fill in ‘We check’ […]

Being A Global Citizen


Goal: I understand what it means to be a global citizen APK: How are these pictures ‘global’?   New information/Application: What does it mean to be a ‘global citizen?’/ what values do we share?: Create this table: I think/ We think/ We check (fill in ‘I think/we think’ before watching resource) Fill in […]

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