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5-6 Locker Avatars



Each year, the 5-6s create an animal avatar for their lockers. You should choose an animal that represents a few aspects of you-particularly your personality.

You will include an explanation underneath saying why you chose this animal to represent you. There should be at least 2 reasons that connect you to your animal avatar.

Here’s an awesome example from Amelia from last year:

Open a Word document and write your sentences explaining why you chose this animal as your avatar.

Go to google images and choose an image of this animal and copy it onto the Word document.

Open your camera app (or Debut if you can’t access the camera app)

Take a photo of yourself. This will automatically save to the folder ‘Camera Roll’

Use File explorer to go to ‘Camera Roll’. You will find it in your ‘Pictures’ folder.

Right click on the image you took and choose open with> paint

Choose ‘select’ from the toolbar at the top and select a rectangle of just your face.

Then choose ‘crop’ from the toolbar and this will get rid of the rest of the picture.

Save this version of the photo.

Drag and drop this photo from the ‘Camera roll’ folder onto the Word document.

Move the face picture’s position and a rainbow with stripes icon will appear next to the picture:

Click on this and choose the bottom right icon “In front of text”

Now resize and rotate the photo so it is positioned over the face of your animal.

Now, while you are clicked on the photo, choose the Format tab at the top of Word, and choose the dropdown menu in ‘Picture Styles”. Choose the option that has an oval with a faded out border (3rd row, 2nd from right). This will make your photo fade smoothly into your animal picture.

Email it to your teacher for them to print for your locker next year!


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