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 I can design what my rover will do



Explain what this code made the Edison do in a simple few sentences/ what was it representing as a ‘Mars rover’?



What the Edison did:

The Edison moved forward, turned left then moved forward again. It turned both of its LEDs on and waited. If it heard a clap it sent an IR message. If it didn’t, it sent a different IR message. Then it waited for 20 seconds. Then it went backwards, turned left and went forwards, returning to where it came from.

What it represented:

The Mars rover came out of its space capsule and travelled to where there were rocks suspected of having water traces. It fired its lasers. If it heard the explosion of water vapour, it sent back a message that there was water found. If it didn’t sense the explosion, it sent back a message saying no water was found. Then it waited and returned to the space capsule.


Create:  design products or processes to meet specific needs

  1. I describe something that could be better- the way a Mars rover might work on Mars
  2. I tell what it should be- design what your Edison will do
  3. I make a model- the Edison with program
  4. I listen to others tell me how to make it better-test/debug & get feedback
  5. I make it better-get feedback, debug and make improvements
  6. I publish or produce it

 New info

Protocode is when you explain in English what you hope your code will do. It is usually written in steps/instructions/procedural language. It is the English language version of the programming algorithm.



Today, you should plan what you want your Edison to do and write 2 versions of protocode. 1 will say what the Edison will do, and the other what it represents your Mars rover would do. Discuss and plan as a group together, then write separately. Remember the clearer the individual steps, the easier it will be to convert to EdScratch code/

Share your versions when you are all complete, and combine them to make your published version that you should publish on your blogs and email the link to your teacher.


Goal reflection:

What aspects of your protocode did you all have in common? What were some differences? What will be the easiest/hardest parts to convert to EdScratch?

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