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Beginning our Rover design



I understand what I need to know to begin designing my Mars rover


What ideas for tasks for your Mars rover could you get from these videos?


New info/Application

Thinking skill: Create:  design products or processes to meet specific needs

  1. I describe something that could be better- the way a Mars rover might work on Mars
  2. I tell what it should be- design what your Edison will do
  3. I make a model- the Edison with program
  4. I listen to others tell me how to make it better-test/debug & get feedback
  5. I make it better-get feedback, debug and make improvements
  6. I publish or produce it



What are different things that Edison does that could stand in for things the rover does? …BRAINSTORM A LIST IN THE FIRST COLUMN OF A TABLE



Make correlation-Match the things that Edison does with tasks the Mars rover might do in the second column


Design-You can model any part of Curiosity’s real tasks or your own idea of what it or a future rover could do- see lesson 2

  • You need steps designed for what it will do- PROTOCODE (procedure/ instructions/algorithms/flow chart/steps)
  • You need to code your Edison
  • You need to test/debug your code
  • Rover should move
  • You need to share your code using the ‘share’ function on EdScratch
  • You need a map of the area you want it to move through. Your map should show where the rover will go and what it will do. You could include a scale on your map and make a grid representation and give co-ordinates for locations it goes
  • You need a design for your mars rover ‘skin’ connection to maths lessons nets/tessellation
  • You need to present your Edison project


Possible ideas-

  • follow a specific path modelled on Curiosities past/possible future travels
  • Design a way for Curiosity to get to a certain place even if there are obstacles in the way
  • Design a way curiosity could go into a cave and out again
  • Send messages back to earth about something it finds
  • Pick up something (take samples)
  • communicate with another rover and tell it to meet it
  • Opportunity rover recently powered down when its solar panels were covered in dust from a dust storm- could Opportunity (or the next rover sweep the dust off?)


Goal reflection:

Our ideas for our Edison Rover are for it to…..

Explain why this task(s) would be important.


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