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I can enlarge shapes


Why is this map ineffective?




Use widget from AC Year 5 > Symmetry & transformations > Enlarging & reducing- “Using a grid to enlarge”


Do Hotsheet- using a grid to enlarge.

Students who have done this last year to do Activity 2

Guiding question for both groups: When you enlarge what stays the same and what changes?

Activity 2:

In Word, go to ‘insert’ tab and choose a shape to enlarge (try quadrilaterals or triangles …..extension could be octagon or hexagon)

Enlarge it to double or 3 times the size. Copy it and lay it down so that the length of 1 side is doubled

See how many of the original shape you can fit into the original- what maths can you figure out from this?


New Information:

When you enlarge, everything about the shape stays the same except the size. The ‘proportions’ and ‘ratio’ stays the same (how big things are compared to each other), and the angles stay the same.

When you enlarge a 2D shape 3 times bigger, every LENGTH gets 3 times larger….but what happens to the area? What might happen if you enlarged a 3D shape? Why?


Goal Reflection:

When do we need to understand how to enlarge? What are your top tips?

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