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Cosmic Discovery Lesson 2- MARS ROVERS


Image result for mars rover curiosityPre-reading:

kids news: Australian students selected to compete in world mars robot design competition



I understand some of the challenges and opportunities that a rover on Mars might encounter



discuss what you found interesting in the Mars Mission: 14/08/2012, Behind the News video that we watched yesterday.


New Information/ Application:

Major project- create a program that would be useful for a Mars Rover using Edison Robot as a model

Follow these steps (from Thinking Skills Outline Table doc- Act column- Create steps):

Create:  design products or processes to meet specific needs

  1. I describe something that could be better- the way a Mars rover might work on Marstoday’s lesson is about finding out what Mars rovers do
  2. I tell what it should be- design what your Edison will do
  3. I make a model- the Edison with program
  4. I listen to others tell me how to make it better-test/debug & get feedback
  5. I make it better-get feedback, debug and make improvements
  6. I publish or produce it

Step 1 – I describe something that could be better- Research the way a Mars rover might work on Mars


JIGSAW-Students get into 6 reciprocal teaching groups to read the following articles. Each group will read only 1 of the following set of articles together and summarise the findings and write down anything they found interesting. Check each other’s notes and clarify any concepts with the teacher.

Group 1 & 2:

Why do we want to go to Mars/ what are we most interested in finding out? Why do you think this matters so much?

NASA Begins Building Next Mars Rover Mission-2nq8pog

Rover discovery news article

Herald Sun Kids News discovery article


Group 3 & 4: What can Curiosity do?/how does it do it?

What Curiosity can discover

What Curiosity uses to explore Mars


Group 5 &6: Where has it gone and why was this place chosen?

Using this map, can you work out how far Curiosity has traveled in 5 years?

Google Mars (like Google Earth!)






Early finishers can continue researching here:


When groups have finished they will get together in groups of 3 (with 1 person from each of the different readings) to report their findings.

In these groups of 3, the listeners will take notes and ask clarifying questions


Brainstorm a list as a class.

Goal Reflection:

Create pairs for designing Mars Rovers (yr 5 & yr 6)

What ideas do you have that you’d like to model with an Edison? Why have you chosen these?

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