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Perspectives analysis of bushfire




I can identify the positive and negative impacts of fire from different perspectives



Thought starter: What is this little girl doing?



What do you see?

What does it make you think about?

What does it make you wonder?


New Information & Application:

When you systematically analyse the different ways different people might see something, you can use this algorithm to make it rigorous and productive:

Analyse Perspectives:  consider multiple perspectives about an issue

  1. I describe a situation
  2. I tell how one person sees it
  3. I tell how a different person sees it
  4. I give my opinion about the differences
  5. I explain what I know now or how to make it better



Fill in the perspectives analysis looking at the different perspectives of the impact of fire.

  1. I describe a situation Fire in the bush: what will they think about it?

Watch these videos and note-take your understandings.

Rise from the Ashes


In Australia we have seen many Bushfire disasters which can make us fear fire.

In contrast, the Aboriginal people have used fire as a tool to manage their lands for many years.


Goal Reflection:

Explain how our attitude and dealing with fire as an inclusive community could help to improve both the management of our land and the management of bushfires as a natural disaster.

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