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Systematic comparison



T&T- discuss these pictures:

  • what do you notice?
  • what do you know?
  • what do you wonder?






I can systematically compare tornados and cyclones.


What is a criterion (plural ‘criteria’)?





– a standard by which something is judged

We are going to systematically compare 2 natural disasters using criteria we decide upon.

So we need a SYSTEM- an algorithm!


When you systematically compare something, you can use this algorithm to make it rigorous and productive:

Compare: describe how items are the same and different

  1. I can identify the items to compare-cyclone(hurricane) & tornado
  2. I can choose the features I will use to compare the items- brainstorm…                                                                                                                                                                              -brainstorm as many as you can- decide which is most important for you to find out about- explain why this is so important- share some of the chosen criteria and reasons
  3. I can tell how the items are the same or different based on the features-research using internet/ /books/


Goal reflection:   

Step 4-I can use what I learned to generate a new idea or item

 Which are the most valuable criteria for judging a cyclone or tornado-why?

How could the information you have found be used by a person or a government when they are deciding how to build (a house/ a community building/ a town)?


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