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Being an Australian Citizen


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I understand what it means to be an Australian Citizen



What does the word CITIZEN mean?

Create this table for APK and New info:

I think/ We think/ We check- work with a partner to fill in the chart.

(fill in ‘I think/we think’ before watching resource)

Fill in ‘We check’


What does it mean to be an ‘Australian citizen?’

Fill in ‘I think/We think’

read as a class-discuss

Fill in ‘We check’

What values do we share?

Fill in ‘I think/We think’

Discuss and answer the questions on the last page:

Australia is a multicultural nation that has welcomed migrants from many countries.  Reflect on or discuss the following questions:

  • What things might lead Australians to claim a product, game, object or person as ‘Australian’?
  • What types of experiences might lead a migrant to call themselves an ‘Australian’?

Fill in ‘We check’

What are the rights and responsibilities of an Australian citizen?

Fill in ‘I think/We think’  – click on where it says:

Click here to view the rights and responsibilities of Australian Citizenship”

Fill in ‘We check’

What are issues that will concern Australian citizens?/  What are actions of responsible and engaged Australian citizens?

Fill in ‘I think/We think’


When people care about an issue that affects all Australians, they may choose to create a ‘Lobby Group’ to share information on the issue and to encourage others to act on it 

. -discuss and, at the bottom, choose an issue that you and your partner will represent. Fill in that pamphlet thinking about that issue. You may even want to choose a point of view that you don’t feel is your personal opinion. Perhaps you want to come up with an issue different from the ones suggested.

Share with someone who chose another issue. As a class, share some of the ideas you wrote about.

Fill in ‘We check’

Goal Reflection:

What do I hope to do in my life to be an active Australian citizen? List as many as you can & explain why.

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