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Drafting our Infographics



I can use my notes and plan to draft the information for my infographic


Share your plan- share a detail that will go in each section

New Information:

Each paragraph in an information text should be easy to follow. A simple way to ORGANISE this is :

To write an informative paragraph, follow these steps.

  • Introduce the subject using a clear topic sentence.
  • State facts about the subject in a logical order.
  • Describe the subject using appropriate technical vocabulary.
  • Conclude with a statement about the subject.

When writing an informative paragraph, it is important to focus on one aspect of the subject. When you are ready to move on to another aspect of the subject, it is time to begin a new paragraph

You may choose to use engaging techniques  (e.g?) but always remember your primary Author’s Purpose is to inform- If your humour or style gets in the way of the message it may not be appropriate for your purpose


When drafting your paragraphs use your plan and your notes to construct paragraphs.

You may choose to make a poster, use word including shapes, pictures and text boxes, create a Powerpoint with infographic elements.

You may instead choose to publish using online tools (will need signup). You will need to experiment with aspects before you begin.

But you must have your draft written or typed and conferenced before publishing in this form


  • Draft information that will be inside infographic and review before attempting publication
  • Use your notes- make sure you turn it into your own words
  • Use your plan to guide you as to what headings you will write and what
  • Draft information that will be inside infographic and review before attempting publication
  • Use your notes and you plan to help to help you
  • Create paragraphs using the outlined structure

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