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Compulsory voting


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I understand the concept of compulsory voting in Australia.



When we voted for our SRC rep, was it ok not to vote for anyone? Why?


New Information:

Research compulsory voting in Australia using one of these sources-take notes.

Australian Electoral Commission – group with teacher


Academic kids

The Conversation



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Join together with someone who has read one of the other sources-compare your notes and make a PMI table for compulsory voting

Which side are you on?

Join that side and try to share the arguments- Conduct a mini debate using the information gathered on compulsory voting.

Each person should present 1 point for their side. Can you use some persuasive writing techniques?

People on opposing side may take notes on their opposition for rebuttal at the end.

Facilitate a discussion around the consequences of people not exercising their democratic right to vote for representatives in an election.


Goal reflection:

Do you think compulsory voting will continue for Australia into the future? Why/why not?

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