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Finding Facts & Details


Goal: I can identify important facts and details in an information text


Write the main idea of a television program you watched in the past few days.

Write 3 important things that happened in  the TV show.


  • You can find the facts and details in a reading passage by thinking about the main idea.
  • You may be able to find the main idea in the title, the first line, the last line, or by drawing together what you know about the whole text
  • Once you know the main idea, you can find the details that tell more about the main idea.
  • Look for sentences that provide information about the main idea and tell the who, what, when, where, why and how..about the main idea
  • The main idea is BROAD, while the details are SPECIFIC


use the graphic organiser to identify the important details in this text

Graphic Organiser-

Goal Reflection:

Turn and talk – do the facts and details you came up with match your partner? What is the same/different?

Write a reflection showing  what you discovered.

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