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Example vs. Definition


When we want to explain something new we can help people understand it in two ways.

We can offer an EXAMPLE or a DEFINITION



EXAMPLES-are usually the easiest to come up with. They tell us one of the different types. An example is one real-world type of the overall group. It helps us see one variety of the new thing, and how it is in the real world.


Sometimes dictionaries offer examples of how words are used after they have given the definition.

An EXAMPLE of a joke would be “What is brown and sticky?-A stick!”



DEFINITIONS– are usually a bit harder to come up with. They tell us exactly what the new thing is. It tells us all the varieties in one overall sentence. Dictionaries always give definitions of words. Sometimes when we see or hear a definition, we are not always sure what the different types of it are in the real world. That’s when we need an example.

Where possible you should not use the term itself within its definition.

A DEFINITION of a joke would be “A funny thing that is shared to make people laugh”



Choose one of these words and give a definition for it and an example:

(if you are having trouble, you could use a dictionary to help you)


animal; transport; game; building; fruit; machine




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