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Welcome 5-6C for 2018!


Welcome to our class’ blog for 2018. Here we will share and celebrate our learning as well as sharing information about upcoming events and other things we need to know about being a part of 5/6C. There will be links to educational websites as well as links to other classroom blogs and a link to your personal blogs and email.


Our blogs offer us a chance to communicate with the whole world about our learning. Please leave comments and ask questions…but remember to keep your comments appropriate, constructive and related to our learning.


I’ve written you a letter introducing myself- I’d love you to read it and write me a letter in response.



Hi kids,


I’m Ant and have been teaching for 13 years- the whole time at our wonderful school, so chances are you may know a bit about me already. I adore reading, listening to music, and dancing. My favourite musicians are probably Bjork, or Nick Cave, although I’m forever learning about new music I love. This summer I was excited to get to see one of my favourite bands The XX at the beautiful Sydney Myer Music Bowl. It was a wonderful night I’ll never forget.


I have two gorgeous kids, Astrid and Amon. This year Astrid is beginning her VCE year 11 at Fitzroy High School. She adores music as well and is an amazing artist. Amon is starting year 8 at Fitzroy High. He loves soccer more than life itself, and hopes to be a You-tuber one day.


My wonderful partner Sharon is a creative arts counsellor at the Australian Childhood Foundation. So she works with kids like I do. She uses art activities to help kids manage and understand when things are hard for them. She uses a lot of the understanding and knowledge about mindfulness and brain-science we have been learning at MPPS over the last couple of years.


My mum died a few years ago (I still miss her terribly) and my dad lives in China so I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like. My older brother Stuart is a professor of Philosophy in New Zealand and last year my younger brother Greg became a judge in Hong Kong. He makes decisions about the refugees who are hoping to move there. I’m very close to my brothers and very proud of them!


In a couple of weeks, I’m off to New Zealand to see my brothers. It’s Stuart’s 50th birthday this year and he wants to celebrate by going on an amazing trek through a part of the South Island of new Zealand-the Routeburn Track: .

It is an awe-inspiringly beautiful part of the world and I am very excited to be going. I will make sure I post some pictures of the hike here on the blog.


These holidays I had a very relaxing break. At the end of last year, my family had to move house unexpectedly which made us all very stressed, so it was great to have some time to settle into our new home and unpack and relax. We made the most of the sunny weather by visiting some of our favourite beaches. We went to Cape Conran in far eastern Victoria, Skene’s Creek on the Great Ocean Road, Tidal River at Wilson’s Promontory, and my favourite beach of all time, Smith’s Beach at Phillip Island. It has great surf for boogie-boarding, and the most amazing rock pools I’ve ever seen. I LOOOOVE the beach!


One interesting thing you may not know about me is that I have a metal rod inside my leg. Disappointingly, it doesn’t make the metal detector beep when I walk through the metal detector at the airport, but you can feel the bolts going into my knee and ankle-pretty gross! I’ve got this because when I was training to be a teacher in New Zealand, I had a dreadful accident where I was hit by a car. It happened because I wasn’t careful enough, so the metal rod is a constant reminder to always be careful, and also of how lucky I am!


I love teaching because I love being constantly amazed by how kids learn and the things they notice and love that I hadn’t noticed. Everyday your optimism and enthusiasm energises and inspires me. Most of all I feel proud to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful people! Two things I think are incredibly important to learning are asking questions and making mistakes. I love asking questions…and I make a lot of mistakes… but that’s when I learn the most! I’m very much looking forward to this year-getting to know so many gorgeous kids. I’m also REEEALY looking forward to our Canberra camp later this year – it is such an interesting place.



So now, what about you? I want to find out more about you. What are your favourite things? What’s your family like? Have you done something that you’d like to share? What did you do in your holidays? What do you hope to do in the future? Write an entry onto your blog- show it to a family member and make sure you review it to fix mistakes before you publish it. If you were in my class last year and told me all about these things then, try to tell me some things I might not know- how have you changed or grown in the last year? I can’t wait to read about you!


From Ant


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“Welcome 5-6C for 2018!”

  1. January 31st, 2018 at 5:30 am      Reply ijaz2017 Says:

    do we have to write about our holidays or our family?

  2. February 1st, 2018 at 8:26 am      Reply babatsikoscl Says:

    do u write the letter on email or comments

  3. February 1st, 2018 at 9:08 am      Reply alexander2017 Says:

    Hi Ant!
    I just read this post and I found some crazy things I never ever knew about you! Your son Amon Likes a lot of things I like somehow! And I don’t know my password for my email😦😧

    This comment is from Alexander in your class.

  4. February 3rd, 2018 at 12:25 am      Reply Alexia Says:

    Whoa its so cool how you and your family members have travled around the world so much for your jobs!!😃😄


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