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Digitech/Science Lesson 10- Designing Digital Solutions Project Introduction



I understand the requirements of the designing digital solutions project.


Watch the following videos as a class, then discuss:

  • Does anything surprise you?
  • In what ways has human behaviour changed?
  • What are the seen and unseen results because of the change in human behaviour?


New Information & Application:

Our project:

How can we create something that makes our world a better place/change human behaviour?

My problem could be seeing which cat bowl is more popular for my cats- I could create this on makeymakey:

And this on scratch: Cat-eating Graph


Here is an example that you can choose to use as inspiration if you don’t have an idea of your own you’d like to explore.

See below for some examples of bins that use technology to entertain or inform:





Share & explain rubric-Digital solutions rubric


Create teams of 3- yr 5 /yr 6 & a confident coder


Goal reflection:

In your teams, share any questions you have and discuss initial ideas

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Website example

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