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Digital Technologies/ Science- Lesson 5: What is electricity?



I can clarify my understandings about how electricity works


  • Riley turned on the computer.
  • When Barry shuffles his feet on the carpet, his hair gets crazy and stands up.
  • I need to charge my phone.
  • Lightning struck during the last storm.
  • The engineer wired the circuit board.
  • A lot of power is made in the desert using solar panels.
  • After Cameron slides down the slide, he can shock you.


What do all these sentences have in common?


We use electricity every day, but you may not know what it is, how it works and how we can control it. So that you understand electricity, this lesson will build on the science you already know, such as energy, the parts of an atom and types of materials.

How many of these sentences involved an engineer or engineered technology?

Everyone, take a moment to write a sentence that relates engineering and electricity?


New Information:

watch & take notes- discuss & clarify:

What is electricity?

Write down any questions you have.

Demonstration with plasma globe & light ….

electricity demonstration

get predictions before and explanation after-why does this happen?

What are the connections between the 2 videos’ information?


In circle students grouped in pairs- objects arranged in centre.

Teachers to switch on as many of these objects.

Students to record responses to questions, such as:

  • What does the device do?  What makes it go?  How does the device work?  Where does it get its energy from?

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of batteries and battery-operated devices.


Write down any questions you have.

Students are to imagine that they can see inside the torch and draw in their book a cutaway diagram of what they think they would see.

A cutaway diagram includes a title and a drawing showing what the inside of the object looks like. It includes labels with lines or arrows to indicate the feature.


Goal reflection:

Share observations about the workings of different electrically–operated devices and record at least one question for further investigation.

Share with partners.

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