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Let’s begin with a survey-your answers will be completely anonymous, but your nickname should be your name the internet

Digital Licence Quiz

As we do this quiz, your job in pairs is to identify the issue that each question is asking about. Make a list. We will refer to this list later.


Taking care of each other online

For the next 2 activities, please get into groups of pairs- a year 5 with a year 6.

As we work through the unit, it asks you to download and fill in sheets. Work with your partner to answer the questions and fill in the sheets.

After each unit, find another pair and compare the answers you got.



If you could give one sentence of advice that sums up each of these units what would it be?



If you were to create a poster about one of the issues from our list made from the Digital Licence Quiz, which would it be? Why would you choose this issue?

Why would you choose this issue?

What would the audience be for this poster?

What details and key words would you want to include?

If you have time, begin a design for this poster


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