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Digitech/Science Lesson 6- What is a CIRCUIT?


Goal: I understand how to make and draw a circuit, and explain how it works. APK: Discuss your drawings of torches from yesterday- what are pros & cons of the drawings   New Information 1: ROLE PLAYING A CIRCUIT So…how is an electrical circuit created? A circuit needs 3 parts- a cell to give energy, […]

Homework Week 9


This week I would like you to respond to this video as you would a BTN reflection with 3 facts you recall, 2 questions you are wondering about and 1 insight or understanding that you came to while watching the video- an inference, a connection or a conclusion that wasn’t directly stated in the video […]

Digital Technologies/ Science- Lesson 5: What is electricity?


Goal: I can clarify my understandings about how electricity works APK: Riley turned on the computer. When Barry shuffles his feet on the carpet, his hair gets crazy and stands up. I need to charge my phone. Lightning struck during the last storm. The engineer wired the circuit board. A lot of power is made […]

Mindfulness Survey


Please complete this survey about mindfulness to help us develop our mindfulness program.  

Year 5 eSmart day


-Play the games and identify the issue in each game (30 min)     watch the video & discuss: Mid video: * Why would Riba be wanting the others to make comments? * Should the group be sharing passwords? * What could happen when you share passwords? * How could you be a Hero to […]



Let’s begin with a survey-your answers will be completely anonymous, but your nickname should be your name the internet Digital Licence Quiz As we do this quiz, your job in pairs is to identify the issue that each question is asking about. Make a list. We will refer to this list later.   Taking care […]

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