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A new unit- Digital Technologies/ Science /Design Technologies


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In this Mega-Unit we will be exploring the new Digital Technologies area of the curriculum.

We will learn about technological systems, the way computers ‘think’, electronic circuits and coding. We will bring all of this knowledge

We will make use of all this knowledge to design a solution to a problem that we identify can be solved using technology…it’s new, and exciting!

Our first lesson is about

Digital Systems

The Parts of a Computer


I understand how the parts of a computer work as a system


Draw a labelled diagram of a computer.




New Information:

Take note of all new vocabulary and definitions to use during the Application

When thinking of systems we can generalise that they have:

  •  Inputs (things that go into it)
  •  Processes (things that are done to the inputs)
  • Outputs (things that come out at the end changed by the process).

Here are some examples:

What are others you can think of ?

Can you say for each one what the inputs, process and outputs are?


Computers can be thought of as a system


They have:

  1. Inputs (data)-how does this get inputted?/interface
  2. Processes (turns data into information ready for output)
  3. Outputs (intended- e.g a picture or game or answer & unintended-e.g heat or sound…?)

Where would storage  &  feedback fit into this model?


data- unprocessed information (just the facts/ numbers- no organisation)

information- data that has been processed and organised so that it provides a solution

interface- the place and way humans can make inputs and receive outputs



Look at the website- -particularly sections 2-5     &  the deconstructed computer in our class

Find all the labelled parts of the computer- Draw a labelled diagram-using input/ processing/output in brackets….are there any that are more than 1.

What are some of the functions/jobs computers do for us?

Make a flow chart of something a computer does using the terms input/ processing/output and any other vocabulary you can include.


Goal Reflection:

Reflect on the picture you drew at the start- what would you change now?

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