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Digitech lesson 3-Binary!


Goal: I understand the counting system of binary and why computers use it. APK: WHAT ARE CODES? Name some- explain them to your partner What’s the point? New Information: Quickly review meanings of data and information. Binary is a way to communicate data & information when the only thing you can do is switch on […]

Digitech lesson 2- networks


Goal: I can describe how digital systems connect together to form networks to transmit data. APK: What do these things have in common?   New Information: A NETWORK is a system of interconnected things. Watch these, take notes and discuss:   List all the things the computers in our school are linked to- What are […]

Book Week Multi-Age art response- “The Patchwork Bike “


Today kids from all classes joined together to share the Australian Children’s Books of the Year. We looked at “The Patchwork Bike” By Maxine Beneba Clarke. book week art activity- Look at the wonderful art we made! (click to enlarge )  

A new unit- Digital Technologies/ Science /Design Technologies


In this Mega-Unit we will be exploring the new Digital Technologies area of the curriculum. We will learn about technological systems, the way computers ‘think’, electronic circuits and coding. We will bring all of this knowledge We will make use of all this knowledge to design a solution to a problem that we identify can […]

Literature Circles


This week we begin Literature Circles. In groups you will read and discuss a novel using the prompts provided in this booklet: Literature Circles -job outlines- Please download the booklet and keep it as a resource for your homework. If you need a hard copy, please ask your teacher. Remember, Tally masters should take notes using […]

School Captain speeches


Each year in Term 3 we elect the school captains for the next year. Now is your chance to use the skills you have been learning in class masters to convince your teachers and peers of all your wonderful qualities that would go towards you becoming an important leader of our school. Each year 5 […]

Writing Competition


Write4Fun are running a writing competition! You write a poem or short story and are in the running for great prizes for you and for our school. Entries close at the end of this month-31st of August The link for the details and to enter the competition is here: COMPETITION! the rules for the competition […]

Coastal Ambassadors Survey


Brynn, Carah, Ebony and Phoebe are the 2017 coastal ambassadors. To start our project on teaching kids we have created a survey on survey monkey. The survey is about knowing how much the school knows on the environment and coastal ambassadors. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A TEST IT IS A SURVEY Link to survey

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