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History Lesson 1: Comparing Perspectives- Australian Aborigines and British Colonists



I can use a comparison matrix to help me understand the differences between the perspectives of indigenous Australians and British colonists.


Discuss the videos you watch for homework-what did you find interesting or surprising?


New information:

How to compare-

Download this thinking skills algorithm sheet to your computer- we will use it many times this year.

Take a look at the ‘Comparison’ Steps- this can be done using a comparison matrix.

As a class we’ll give the comparison matrix a try with a familiar topic (eg: fruits, sports, pop bands).

What to compare-

Look at the comparison matrix for groups of people .

Discuss what might be some aspects that be compared for the lives of these 3 groups of people-note all possible ways in your New Information.

Choose at least 1 resource for each of the 2 perspectives from the 1780s and take notes (keep in mind some ways you might compare

First Australians

The day the First Fleet arrived video

My Place website skipthe intro; go to right of screen and click on handprints (before time section)- click on a character & read about them- to get back to the campsite, click on the leaves at the top right.

These skwirk pages have lots of information on the traditional life of Aboriginal people. You may need to close pop up by clicking “No thanks-remind me later” at bottom of pop-up, and to the right there are :

Skwirk 1

Skwirk 2

Skwirk 3

First Australians– this colourful book has LOADS of facts about Australia’s first people- you won’t have time to read it all so try to skim through it to find sections you think will help you, then take some notes

Introduction to Aboriginal history-advanced readers only





Children turn and talk, how would you compare the two? Tell your partner something that stand out to you about each perspective.

Working in pairs you can choose some ‘considerations’ to help you compare the 3 groups of people, and fill it in using the knowledge you have gathered about indigenous Australians, British colonists and what you already know about modern Australians.

Goal Reflection:

Which group of people would you have wanted to be a part of? Which would be the worst? Explain why you think this.


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