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History Lesson 5-20th Century Migration-comparing perspectives


OPEN TODAY’S LESSON IN INTERNET EXPLORER (NOT CHROME) FOR THE LINKS TO WORK PROPERLY Goal: I can analyse the different perspectives of migrants to Australia in the 20th century.   APK: discuss video you watched for homework   NI: Refer back to the thinking skills document that is located in their books and go through […]

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This week’s homework


This week is the last week of term, so we only have 2 tasks. Create a letter for your buddy. It should introduce you and let your buddy get to know a little bit about you. You should also ask them some questions. remember to think about your audience-what words will they understand? What things […]

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Australian History Lesson 2 -Investigating Convict Life


Learning Goal: I understand how convict settlement shaped the development of Australia. APK Find a partner and discuss the video you watched for homework. What did you find interesting? New Information What are primary and secondary sources? Primary Sources are  written or created at the time, most reliable but hardest to interpret/understand. Secondary Sources are […]

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History Lesson 4- Causes of Federation


Goal: I can use primary sources to help me argue about the reasons Australia became a Federation. APK:  discuss video you watched for homework: what did you find interesting? what did you learn? what was surprising? (5 min) NI: Federation definition: Joining together of a group of independent parts In 1901 the government of Australia independent […]

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This week’s homework


This week we will complete 3 items for homework BTN reflection. This week’s item will help us understand our topic lesson this Thursday about Australia’s Federation. Make sure you complete it before Thursday (click on the picture)  100 word challenge- this week’s prompt is        “…but how can something so tiny…”   3. […]

History Lesson 3- Migration Analogy


Learning Goal: I can use an analogy to understand the experience of migrants to colonial Australia. APK: Turn and talk with a partner; discussing the game you played for homework. New Information: What is an ANALOGY? Using a comparison of something familiar to help you understand aspects of something unfamiliar (brainstorm some examples like riding […]

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This week’s homework


This week there is no need to write a BTN response this week. Instead you get to play a game! Click on the picture to open up the game- playing it will give you an idea of some of the different sorts of struggles and joys of different groups of people who lived at the […]

This week’s viewing reflection


This week our viewing reflection is not from BTN. it’s actually from the National Film and Sound Archive ( But you should still complete your reflection in the same way as you would a BTN reflection.   Make sure you have it finished before Friday as our lesson on it will be this Friday. […]

History Lesson 1: Comparing Perspectives- Australian Aborigines and British Colonists


Goal: I can use a comparison matrix to help me understand the differences between the perspectives of indigenous Australians and British colonists. APK: Discuss the videos you watch for homework-what did you find interesting or surprising?   New information: How to compare- Download this thinking skills algorithm sheet to your computer- we will use it many […]

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