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Migrating Year 6 blogs at the end of the year


At the start of each year we discontinue blogs and email accounts of students who have left the school. However, the hard work you have put into your blogs over the last few years should not go to waste. These instructions will take you through the steps you can follow in order to transfer your […]

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Kris Kringle


Due to popular demand, the 5/6 classes will be holding a Kris Kringle gift sharing within their class groups. We have decided that students will give a gift that they have handmade rather than bought. This can be a piece of art (e.g. painting, drawing, sculpture), craft (e.g. woven bracelet, origami, picture frame), food item […]

Some “Hours of Code”


As part of the international ‘Hour of Code’ we are going to learn some concepts about coding. Lets watch this video first: The activities we will be doing involve ‘bomberbot’ and can be found at this link: BOMBERBOT It is only one of MANY activities you can participate in that look like HEAPS OF FUN! […]

Space Homework


This week our lesson concerns the size and scale of the solar system. Watch this video and respond before Friday in preparation for our lesson:  

Most important Space discovery/invention?


Today we are going to look at 10 discoveries or inventions that helped our understanding of space and use a comparison matrix to evaluate what was the MOST important. Here is a list of 10 pretty important ones for you to consider: From Astronomy is the cool field of the scientific world. Sure, biologists […]

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