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Using a decision making matrix to decide the future of space exploration


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In what way should humans continue with space exploration?


I can use a decision matrix to evaluate the benefits of different options for the future of space exploration


discuss BTN homework video:

Humans in Space: 31/03/2015, Behind the News

New Information:

Decide: select from among seemingly equal choices 

  1. I can describe a decision I need to make    The future of space program is in jeopardy- you have been tasked by the government to give recommendations on the future of the space exploration industry
  2. I can identify my choices/optionsbrainstorm and put into our Matrix
  3. I can identify features/considerations that are important to considerbrainstorm and put into our chart

 Choose from some of these resources for your research:

Robots & drones:



the future of telescopes in space exploration

The next big telescope-James Webb telescope

Government run exploration:

NASA’s future  (and more here)

China’s Government Space Program

Private companies exploring space:


Another private space exploration company- Virgin Galactic  (their site)

& a Herald Sun kids news article on Virgin Galactic 


  1. I can assign a value score to each feature/considerations based on importance –create this chart in pairs or small groups (the least important feature will be multiplied by 1- other features are given multiplicative weighting according to your personal belief of their importance. Some features may end up with identical ratings).
  2. I can score each choice/option in relation to the feature/consideration the 5 or so options you have chosen should be rated in order of how well they meet that criteria (make sure you rate the most positive outcome highest even if the consideration is framed negatively
  3. I can multiply the feature score by the choice score– do the maths!
  4. I can identify the choice with the highest score to make my decision-What’s the total? Is it what you thought it would be?

Goal Reflection:

8. I can use what I learned to explain the best choice- write up your recommendations and reasoning for the government. Make sure you mention what you learned from your decision matrix.


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