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This morning we’ll be joining a webinar on Cyberscams. The presentation will assist students to: be aware of some of the latest scams report a scam, unwanted contact and cybercrime think before they place their own and other’s personal information online check settings to secure information as safely and privately as possible use and control […]

Space homework


In preparation for our Science homework this Friday, please complete your reflection on this video: Teaching astronomy and space Models of the Solar System; Earth, Sun and Moon

This week’s space homework reflection


We have no Science lesson this week, but have a look at this BTN video on space exploration from last year- it should connect to a lot of what we’ve been learning. Reflect on it in the usual BTN 3-2-1 reflection style Humans in Space

Using a decision making matrix to decide the future of space exploration


In what way should humans continue with space exploration? Goal: I can use a decision matrix to evaluate the benefits of different options for the future of space exploration APK: discuss BTN homework video: Humans in Space: 31/03/2015, Behind the News New Information: Decide: select from among seemingly equal choices  I can describe a decision […]

Space Homework-The future of Space exploration and Discovery


This week in class we will be looking at the future of Space exploration and discovery. One amazing development in this area is the billionaire Elon Musk and his company SpaceX. Watch just ONE of these 3 videos and write your reflection. Make sure you complete this reflection BEFORE FRIDAY. If you are interested, feel free […]

Space- Lesson 5- Using ANALOGY to understand what it is like to work in Outer Space


Goal: To use an analogy to explain what working in space is like APK: Discuss the BTN set as homework: Mars Experiment: 08/09/2015, Behind the News What would you like about this experience? What wouldn’t you lik? Today our aim is to encourage a new generation of space explorers. We will try to help kids understand […]

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