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Cybersafety- the QUIZ!


As part of eSmart week we will be investigating and sharing our awareness of safe computer use In teams of 5 – lets’s do the eSmart quiz! After each question, discuss & create a team response or example or explanation- each team will share  their response – A different person has to share each time (so each […]

Sharing our knowledge with the community


      Goal: We are going to create posters for Moonee Valley Libraries- why might they want this? T&T:5 reasons   The message for our customers is about being safe using the Internet for example not to save passwords, report any bullying, be aware of spam and phishing Read this page: Keeping in […]

Impersonal voice in writing


Using impersonal and formal voice makes it seem to your audience that you are taking the subject seriously and that you are more concerned with the facts than you are about your own feelings or opinions. Download and view this powerpoint with a partner and answer the questions together, writing the sentences at the end […]

Report Cybersafety issues here-



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