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Writing – Compare & Contrast


  Identify where something unknown is compared to something well known to help understand the new learning: Identify where 2 similar things are explained how they are different: identify how ‘classification’ is used to explain the different ‘types’ of things  

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BTN homework


This weeks BTN homework is another persuasive piece. Have a look at this piece on The Seed Bank. Your task is to write a persuasive piece – ‘The Seed Bank is/is not a Waste of Money” You choose the side you want to argue on. Make sure you have an introduction and conclusion, and for each […]

BTN homework


This week’s BTN homework is a little different. First have another look at this BTN article: ROOKIE REPORTER LEADERS When you are finished I want you to write a brief persuasive piece convincing us to vote for one of the leaders mentioned. Try to include aspects of persuasive writing that you remember (“AFOREST”/Logos, Ethos, Pathos) […]

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