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Coastal Ambassadors Survey


As a part of our school’s Coastal Ambassadors program the Coastal Ambassadors have created the following survey to help them with their project. Please undertake this short survey if you are a Moonee Ponds Primary School year 5/6. click on the link below to do the survey.

Changes in Matter- term reflection


As a conclusion to Science unit on ‘Changing Matter’ we will reflect on our learning. There are a few items you will need to use to help you with this reflection: Your Science Interactive Notebook. Please access your own personal goals that you published on your blog at the start of this term for this Unit. […]

Improving our writing


Please download this document to your netbook: 6 traits posters The first 15 pages give hints about what to look for in each the 6 traits of writing. For each new trait there are 2 posters- the first is very specific and advanced and the second is more simple and general. Look through these posters […]

Using Excel for graphing data


choose one set of data to create a graph about and justify why you chose that type of graph:   GDP per capita means average yearly wage per person    

Science standards


To create our own Science experiments for this term, we should look at the standards for our year level and the examples provided for ways to learn this: Yr 5 Yr 6 You will need to keep in mind this rubric to help know the expected standard:Science experiment Lab report Rubric and here is a […]

Science speech reflections


Please reflect on the work you did on your Science speeches using these prompts: What difficulties did I face in preparing for this? What were the strong points of my presentation? What work habits can I change to achieve higher results next time? How can I use the skills of speaking and listening in other […]

Today’s work


While you’re in the library today please have a go at the following. First, finish any unfinished work on the two way tables. Then do 2 pages of your handwriting books. After this please complete pages 121-127 from your hotmaths (both yr 5 AND yr 6). If you finish all of this you may go on […]

Science lab reports


This week we will be visiting Mount Alexander College to do Science experiments. We will be creating lab reports for these experiments. For the rest of the term we will be creating our own experiments and writing them up using the same template. Have a look at this website to get an idea of what is […]

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