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Line graphs


Line graphs show us how something changes over time. They are created by plotting data points that match numerical data with a given time. In between these data points we draw a line and this line indicates how the numerical data changed between the 2 times. Line graphs are at their most effective when anywhere on […]

Cybersafety webinar- being a good bystander


This morning we are meeting up with other classes in cyberspace to discuss how we can care for each other by being a conscientious bystander and supporting others to do the right thing. Partner up with someone from another year level, and on one computer, click on this link: webinar You will need to make […]

this week’s 100wc


This week’s 100wc prompt is hard to get to . Use this one if you like:

Report Cybersafety issues here-



Word of the day

Word of the Day


Definition: A rude expression intended to offend or hurt.
Synonyms: insult,

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