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Today’s Lesson-I understand what parliament is.


Draw a labelled picture/diagram to show what you understand about what Parliament is Write 3-5 questions you have about parliament As a class, watch the video What is Parliament? Take notes- share and add -were any of your questions answered? Have a look at a diagram of the composition of the Australian Parliament –how is it similar/different to your […]

Biographies of Valuable Australians


Either individually or in pairs, ask students to read a biography for a famous Australian who is important to them. The biographies need to include the actions or events that made that person famous. Begin their research using the biographies located on these websites. ·         Biographies– this website has short biographies on some influential people […]

Different types of government


There are many other forms of government around the world that are different to ours. Sometimes it can be hard to describe a particular government as just being one type. Australia is a constitutional monarchy, and the government that rules under the constitution is a democracy. Following are descriptions of some of the other forms […]

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