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How the principles of our modern democracy emerged.


The rights we have today in our society have not always existed. Rights such as: freedom of speech (The legal right to express one’s opinions freely) equality before the law (All people are subject to the same laws of justice) have developed over time.  The Story of Our Freedom Record key dates and events that […]

Integrated Studies Goals


In term 1 we will be studying how governments are created and how they do their job of creating rules and  laws for the community.  This is part of the AusVELS standards for Civics and Citizenship in year 5 & 6 The sub-headings for Civics and Citizenship are Civic knowledge and understanding and Community engagement The concepts you are […]

SRC nomination speeches


All students are required to write and present a speech explaining why they should be the class SRC rep. This is due on Monday 26th of February and will be spoken in front of the class. When you write it, take into account what our class shared as important qualities in a leader. One of […]

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