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Word of the Week- week 4


Thanks to those who entered their meanings for last weeks word. The very well researched meaning comes this week from Michelle: Ferirama: n. A berry that grows near the Qomolangma and is a white colour. Legend says this berry was named by Rama. this weeks odd word in search of a meaning is…. noxu what on earth […]

Word of the week- week 3


We only had 4 aspiring dictionary writers in our midst last week, but they came up with some highly amusing meanings for our word of the week. The most convincing and useful I thought was Samantha’s meaning of… Ploosnar: n. an emotion that makes you feel angry and happy at the same time.   This […]

Word of the week – week 2


Last week our word was Swoquix, and as it did have a very Harry Potter sound to it, I thought Adriana’s was the meaning it sounded like the most swoqix: 1. n. a magical creature that looks like a squirrel but has wings and acts like a hippergriff 2. n. a potion that gives you […]

100 Word Challenge


As you know, we will be working through nightzookeeper for our 100 word challenge for the rest of the year as they have taken over the reins. This weeks prompt is: …then, in the middle of the noise… You need to think about what the noise is before you start your story. Where are you? Is it […]

Word of the week- week 1 term 4


Lets kick this term off with one that’s hard to pronounce: Swoquix how do you say it?….what on earth does it mean? Ant

International Space Week


The week after we confirmed that there’s water on Mars (and so probably life!) it’s World Space Week this week. So in celebration here’s a bunch of links to some of my favourite parts of the web that are space related: World Space Week site NASA 50 year anniversary page-OH MY GOD- what a site! A […]

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Word of the day

Word of the Day


Definition: A rude expression intended to offend or hurt.
Synonyms: insult,

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