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Using apostrophes can be quite tricky. They are used for possession and abbreviation, but there are a bunch of rules and exceptions. Choose one of these 2 slideshows to follow to consolidate your understanding of apostrophes. This Powerpoint gives a good outline & explanation of rules, and activities to practise. Year 6s will have seen […]

Word of the Week- week 3


We had 4 clever entries last week for the meaning of ‘crect’, but Saad’s cute one was my favourite, so here’s the meaning… crect: n. a grandpa cricket   This week’s word is: SHOIK I wonder what it means?

100 word challenge


Those English are still enjoying their summer holidays, so while they are, here’s my 100 word challenge for the week: Use this picture and quote as an inspiration to write 100 words in any style or genre you choose- think carefully about how you can demonstrate using the 6 traits of writing- it’s a perfect […]

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Use this Powerpoint presentation to learn about homophones Homophones Follow this link to work on the homophones activity  

Order of operations


  Using the acronym BIDMAS- have a go at these problems Thanks Ant for the following BIDMAS questions: You buy a guitar for $50 then pay for 5 weeks of lessons at $10 each- what’s the equation and total cost?   50 people go to the movies and join 5 of their friends- they each […]

Word of the Week


Thanks to all the students who suggested  meanings for last week’s word, and congratulations to Michelle for her descriptive and creative meaning of: SHECK: adj.  Describes when people want use something but use it in the wrong way.- e.g-a chick finds a shell and want eat it, but is too hard, so he hurt his beak, so it […]

Term 2 Unit Reflection


Thanks Lee for this post Write a reflection of what you have learnt during this term’s Science unit and project. Your reflection must include: Section 1 An introduction summarizing the project and what you achieved with your team. Three facts that you found interesting or surprising. Two understandings you now have. One wonder you still have. […]

Pluto – New Horizons flyby


Last week the New Horizons space probe flew past Pluto, sending images to Earth of this mysterious proto-planet…  What an interesting event! We looked at this website to see some of the images and discover how this mission had progressed We’re studying poetry this term ( a perfect writing style to express express our […]

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Word of the Week – Term 3 Week 1


It’s a new term….and a new bunch of nutty words we’re going to invent! Our first word to experiment with is: SHECK What do you think it means?

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Word of the day

Word of the Day


Definition: A rude expression intended to offend or hurt.
Synonyms: insult,

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