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Websites for Research Follow the activities on this website to identify websites that are creditable (true and believable). Take notes on: 1. Being critical of information found on the web. 2. Determining credible web sources using 5 simple questions. 3. Using other credible information sources found through your library. Use these sheets to help […]

Word of the Week- week 9


Thanks to Alyssa for her meaning for choth: n. a moth with white wings Only 2 words left this term! This week’s Word of the Week is… Stust- I love Emily’s evocative meaning stust: n. clear dust particles floating in the air Which would mean that there was an adjective  stusty e.g- As the tomb was […]

100 word challenge


This week the 100 word challenge isn’t up (it is from England, and the Queen is having her birthday after all!) So here’s my prompt- what a freaky image! Hope it gets those writing juices flowing. Perhaps experiment with a new style or a voice that you haven’t tried in a while. Maybe try some […]

Word Of the Week – week 9


This week’s Word of the Week is…  CHOTH I wonder what it means?- maybe you can tell me! In honour of all the work I’ve been doing on reports over the last few weeks I thought Shirley’s meaning for ‘slusk’ was highly appropriate: slusk: v. it is at dusk when you are on your computer and […]

Desert adaptations research project


 (example only- yours may include different features) To conclude our science unit on adaptation students will prepare an information display with supporting resources on a desert animal or plant. Teams will: • describe the desert environment to which the species is adapted • describe the structural features and behaviour of the species • make claims about […]

Word of the week- week 8


Not many suggestions last week, but congratulations to Trent for his interesting meaning for… cloin: v. a form of sleepwalking where you walk and talk like a clown in your sleep   Let’s see if we can get a whole bunch of suggestions for this week’s word: SLUSK

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Word of the day

Word of the Day


Definition: A rude expression intended to offend or hurt.
Synonyms: insult,

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