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Word of the Week -week 3


Thanks to everyone who suggested meanings this week- they were all fun- lots of suggestions about combining two actions or sounds. Congratulations to Samantha for her winning definition- Cluik: v. to do something so embarrassing that you snort and laugh at the same time. This definition made me giggle- it’s definitely happened to me! This weeks word […]

Word of the Week


Each week we use our random word generator to create a nonsense word. Your challenge is to create a dictionary meaning for the word. Post your meanings as comments on that week’s post. Remember to say at the start what type of word it is using dictionary abbreviations( n=noun; v=verb; adj=adjective; adv=adverb; int=interjection). Each week I will […]

New email website


In attempting to fix the glitch that has been causing problems with our email, we have needed to change the site that we get into our emails. The new site to go to is instead of  the old site, If you click the link at the top of our blogroll it will take you to […]

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Word of the day

Word of the Day


Definition: A rude expression intended to offend or hurt.
Synonyms: insult,

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