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3/4 Endangered Animals presentation day


On the 25/6/2013 we had a presentation day with all the 3/4s. Everyone was so EXITED and NERVOUS it was amazing though when we performed in front of heaps of parents. I had to read out my poem so I know how it felt it was scary I was shaken I felt like jelly!! Before […]

A Day at the Zoo


On Thursday the 3/4s spent the day at Werribee Zoo. We saw all sorts of animals, including several Endangered ones. We wrote some fantastic descriptive poems about our favourite animal that we saw, and will hopefully be posting them on here soon. Until then, here’s some photos from the day: (if you want to see […]

Cyber-safety presentation at M.P.P.S


On Thursday 30th May the students at M.P.P.S had a visit from a lady about cyber-safety. She taught us about what cyber-safety means. It means how to be safe on the internet. These are some of the ways we can keep safe when we’re using the internet. Never reveal your personal information on the internet, […]

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